DAVIDS  To Lameez and Hiema, a daughter on 3/4.
DAVIS  To Hamida and Rief-Ad, a son on 4/4.
GOLDBERG  To Craig and Dina a son in Melbourne on 5/4.
GROENEKIEG  To Nicole and Dick, a daughter on 4/4.
JASSIEM  To Fowzia and Moegamat, a son on 4/4.
LAZAR  To Melissa and Barry, a son in Buffalo, USA.
SUSHUBA  To Vuyelwa and Simpiwe, a daughter on 5/4.
WHITESMAN/ IPP  To Donna and Leith, a son on 5/4.
ALLISON  Avril (nee THOMPSON), wife of Quinton, on 7/4.
ALSTON  Raymond Thomas, 3/4. Service in Roman Catholic, Parow.
ARENDSE  Billy, suddenly on 3/4.
ARNOT  Edward Joseph, on 4/4. Father of Debbie, Jim, Cathi, wife of Pam.
BASSON  Jasper, (Langebaan) 4/4.
BASSON  Pat, 6/4.
BASSON  Petronella, Sailed away to celestial seas, Dee Swift.
BERGER  Gertrude, wife of Cyril.
BRAAF  Irvin Henry, suddenly on 4/4.
BROWN  Brian.
BUYSKES  Jeremy Douglas (Jnr), aged 26 years, died 31 March 2003 in Thailand by accident. Beloved eldest son of Jerry and Maggie, brother to Michael, Stephen and Jenny and soulmate to Tamsin. Thank you for showing us life.
CARROLL  Dennis Edward, 4/4 at Knysna.
CARTER  Susan, 4/4.
CHEEK  Joan, 4/4 aged 77, wife of Donald.
CLUBB  Keith, fondly remembered vy all Clifton Hangovers.
COLLINET  Valerie (nee KIRSTEN),  5/4.
CORNELISON  Lorraine, 6/4.
CUMMINGS  Mildred, 6/4.
DANIELS  Elizabeth, 6/4 aged 71, wife of Arthur.
DE LILLEY  George, 4/4, father of Candice.
DE VOS  Reubin Philip, 4/4 aged 58.
DU PLESSIS  Cornelis GG, 6/4, husband of Pat.
FILMATER  Ronald, 4/4, elsest son of Janet and late Peter, husband of Wendy
FIRTH  Marguerite.
FISH  Claude Raymond.
FOUCHE  Beatrix Jacoba, of Thornton, on 7/4.
FREDERICKs  Basil Japhta, 4/4.
GONCALVES  Joao Jacinto, 7/4 at 82, husband of Amandine.
HACKER  Alfons, 6/4.
HANSEN  Irene Gladys, 6/4.
HATTINGH  Cecily Leland (nee ROBINSON),  2/4, wife of Phil.
HELLIG  Lionel, passed away tragically in Paarl.
HENDRICKSE  Frances, 5/4.
HEWITT-COLEMAN  Melvyn, 4/4.
IMMERMAN  Cantor Abe, 7/4.
IMMERMAN  Abraham, 7/4 aged 96.
JOHNSON  Hedley, 4/4.
JOSLIN  Frank, 4/4.
KANSLEY  Jennifer, 4/4 aged 47, wife of Hilton.
KINNES  Aubrey Clive (pianist), 2/4 aged 61, husband of Lilian.
LEWIN  Stella.
LIBERTY  Connie (Elizabeth), 4/4 aged 82, wife of Wallace.
LUBBE  Johnny.
MALCOM  Paul, 6/4 aged 75.
McKEITH  Mary.
MILLER  Malcolm Charles, 4/4, husband of Ann.
NEWTON  Eric George, 4/4.
PAYNE  Edith, 3/4, aged 83.
PAYNE  Jennifer-Anne, 5/4.
PEREIRA DOCOITO  Catherina, 6/4.
PIETERSEN  Johannes Marthius, 2/4.
PILLAY  Caroline, 26/12/1935 - 6/4/2003.
PINNOCK  Monica Joyce, 6/3.
REDDELL  Gudrun.
SYLVESTER  ADRIAAN (Boeta At), 1/4, aged 84.
TREDREA  Marion, 1/4, wife of Rodney.
VAN BESOUW  Gerard, My darling brother passed away tragically 4/4 doing what he loved best. Aged 55. Love Janet, Derek, Lindsay, Nicola, Hugh.
VAN ROOYEN  Sophia Catharina (nee Beukes), 4/4 aged 77.
VAN WYK  Franie, 6/4 aged 79.
WEIMAN  Rethe, taken before her time on 6/4, Gwain.
WHITESMAN  Tessa, 6/4.
WILLIAMS  Thomas, 5/4.
WILSON  Roland, 4/4 in Pretoria.
WOLFFE  Hymie, 31/3, husband of Laura.
MILLER/ BAEHR  Gavin and Biddy on 6/4.