BERMAN  To Saul and Karin, a daughter on 10 Mar 2003. Granddaughter to Hilary and Anna, sister to Armin and Lara.
WUNGAARD  To Michael and Ruzenka, a daughter Mikaela, on 12 Mar 2003.
ALLI  Andile. Died tragically 8 Mar 2003. Missed by friends Rodney, Jenny, Justin, Ricky, Laurie and Kim Kornblum.
BARKLEY  Joyce. 9 Mar 2003. Mother and granny to Debby, Myer, Rozanne and David. Sister of Maureen and Ted, Hawaii, USA. Mother of Lynette and family in Ireland.
BAYNES  Agnes (nee Lippert). Passed away peacefully at Mamre.
BECK  Susan 8 Mar 2003. Mother of Felicity, Andre, Debbie and Candice, Suzette and Tienie
CAESAR  John. Aged 69 on 10 Mar 2003. Wife of Winnie.
CALLOW  Lionel. 8 Mar 2003. Sympathy to Caroline, Cariad and Conrad from Maria, Tony and Mario.
CAMPBELL  John Stewart. At Silvermine Village on 12 Mar 2003. Wife Joyce, son and wife, Alastair (Iain) and Annie, grandchildren Iain and Maughin. Your legacy will be passed on to the next generation, I promise. Hamba kahle my grandpa Zoom, Iain jnr.
CHURCHES  Walter. Aged 66 on 12 Mar 2003. Brother of Noel, Pat and children.
CLOUGH  Elizabeth. The world was enriched by your generous soul. David and Dorothy Varley.
COLLINS  Cornelia Mabel (nee Frolick). Aged 71 on On 10 Mar 2003, widow of late Rev Christian Collins. Mourned by Freddy, Mynie, children and grandchildren. Children Melchior, Alan and Christine, grandchildren Adele, Crystal and Nicole.
CROY  Percy. 11 Mar 2003. Missed by Beattie, Eileen, Nathan and Kenwyn.
CURTIS  Lydia Toerina (nee Holloway). Aged 68 on 8 Mar 2003.
DA SILVA  Joao Helidorio Goncalves. 10 Mar 2003. Wife of Maria-Jose, father of John and Anneline, James, Manuel and Judy, Nita and Aurelia.
DANIELS  Elizabeth. Remembered by Ronnie, Mavis and family.
DE LA PORTE  Victor. Of Brookly. Wife Margaret, mother Anita. Roy, Sean, Monique, Shantal, Keeno and Dajean.
FLORENCE  Anastacia Nancy. 3-4-23 to 7-3-03. Daughter Rosina, son-in-law Gilbert, grandchildren Hayley, Grant, Jason and David.
GROENWALD  Herbert John. Tragically on 7 Mar 2003. Brother and uncle. Ferdi, Rina, Rupert, Michelle, Andre and Liana.
HANSBY  Dudley. 11 Mar 2003.
HARRIS  Alice. Aged 69. Missed by the Bawa family (Essop).
HOFMEYR  Susan Norha. Aged 83, of No2 Cradock Rd, Steenberg.
JANSE VAN RENSBURG  Leslie Heinrich. Tragically on 7 Mar 2003. Mourned by Sheila, Shannon, Alex, Ian and Blanche.
JARDINE  Mathilda. Of 7 Lelieblom Circle, Silvertown. Sister Monica, brother-in-law Peter.
JARVIS  Henrietta (nee Anthony). Aged 71 on 7 Mar 2003.
JENKINSON  Peter Michael. Of Plumstead. On 11/3/2003.
JOFFE  Gordon. Mathy, Michel, Daniela and Marco.
JONES  Fred. 11 Mar 2003. Ann and Family.
KAPLAN  Gail. Cynthia, Jack and Devra.
KNEMEYER  Brigette. Thomas, Bella, Alex and family.
KOENING  Glenda. 11 Mar 2003 aged 72. Wife of Neville.
MARTIN  Peter. 10/03/03.
MATTHEWS  Marjorie (nee Bredeveldt). 7/03/03. Son Graham.
MIELCK  Eva-Maria. Wife of Reimer.
MINIFIE  Edward John.
MINNAAR  George. Aged 57 on 11/3/03.
PEDRO  Henk. 9/3/03. Wife Janet.
PETERSEN  Basil. Aged 42, suddenly.
RAYSMAN  Laura. 12/03/03. Mother of Edith Chasen, Helens Bub, sister of Nohmie Goodleser.
ROBERTS  Andre Hugh. Son of Hughie and Val suddenly on 8/3/03. Cheers Bru, we will keep the faith. From Loon and the boys. May you find the peace and comfort you longed for now, Carol.
ROBERTS  Brandon. Suddenly 9/3/03.
RYAN  Leslie Joseph. 10/3/03. Wife Vera.
SCHIEBE  Daphne Iris (nee Apollus). Aged 66 on 12/3/03.
SCHMID  Ambiga. 10/3/03. Husband Philip.
SEVILLE  Iris (Suzie).
SOLOMONS  Bennie. Wife Sandra.
TITE  Grace. Aged 93 at Carlisle Lodge, Fish Hoek. Our darling friend and big sister, an independent lady with the values and virtues of the bygone age of Edwardian England.
TITUS  Elizabeth. 7/3/03.
VAN BOOM  Stephen. Sister Freda.
VAN ROOYEN  June Margaret of Strand.
WHITEMAN  Mavis (nee Hendricks).
WHYTE  Laeh. Aged 87 on 6 Mar 2003.
WILLIAMS  Francois. Mother Maureen, brother Edward, daughter Kimberley.
WYETH  Sylvia. 12/3/03. Sons Alan and Keith.