BAGRAIM/ ROZOWSKY  To David and Rhona, a daughter and sister for Yael, born in Israel on 17/3.
CURRAN  To David and Penny, a son Liam Holton born 16/3
FRIEDMAN  Gaby and Brenn, children of Prady and O-Linda, Etienne and the late Evelyn, on 17/3.
GETZ/ SEFAR  To Andy and Steve, a son and brother to Caleb and Gabriel.
HERI/ KOVACS  To Marti and Gabor a son on 19/3.
LOCKITCH  To Hylton and Kirsti (nee Craik), a son Jake Oliver on 19/3.
SEAWARD  To Dean and Maike (nee Hitchcock), a daughter, Lara Nicola, on 19/3.
STEER/ MULLIN  To Justin and Andrea 1 large son Nicholas bBecher on 16/3 in Amsterdam.
WELFF/ THEBUS  To Jason and Celeste a son Jayce Henry James.
ABRAHAMS  Andrew Herman. On 18/3. Best friend Isobel.
ALLAN  Eva Mary. On 19/3.
BARKETT  Johnny. 19/3. Nieces and nephews Lulu, Billy, Peter, Maureen and Rita.
BEATON  Barbara (nee Rees). 17/3
BLANCKENBERG  Ruth (Roelie). Brother Gerald, sister-in-law Irene.
BOHLMANN  Pauline (later married as Horton), daughter of George and Eileen Bohlmann on 16/3.
CAMPBELL-HARRIS  Michael Stuart. 20/3.
CHORLEY  Wendy (nee Vickerman). 19/3 after short illness. Mom, Dad, Dean and Shelley.
CHRISTIANSEN  Muriel Sylvia. 19/3. Sister of Joey, mother of Robert, Neville, Vernon and their families.
COLLARD  Adam. Son of Hannah, brother of Leonard died tragically in Sydney on 18/3.
CUTTING  Eileen Molly. 19/3 at 96. Son Nigel.
DANIELS  Christopher. Youngest brother died 18/3 of Kromboom Estate, Lansdowne, Dennis, Errol, Ralph and Una, Lorraine and Ethel.
DICKASON  Anthony Peter. 29/1/54-16/3/03. Suddenly. Mom, dad, Robby, Michelle, Olga, Ilona, Iain, Andrew, Sandy, Mieke and Adrienne.
ENGELBRECHT  Anthony Charles. 19/3 at 50.Wife Avril.
FRITZ  John (Elton). Sisters Roslyn, Wendy and Zakiah.
FROST  Queenie. 19/3.
GITELSON  Val. 19/3. Daughters Sharon and Dawn.
GOLIATH  Priscilla (nee Thomas).
HANS  Derek. 16/3.
HARDSTAFF  Ron. 18/3. Wife Peggy.
HOFMEYR  Veronica.
ISAACS  Phillipina. 17/3. Daughter Glynis.
JOHNSON  Granville. 12/3. Mother Marjorie.
KAPLAN  Tilly. Mother of Lois Wilson on 20/3.
LONDT  Deon. 18/3.
MILLER  Johanna (Mia) (formerly Ralph) . 18/3.
NIELSEN  Jurgen.
NUSSBAUM  Rolf-Stefan. 18/3.
O'CONNOR  Cecile. 19/3.
PAMPLIN  Geoffrey. Passed away peacefully. Will be remembered by his first student (1947) at George High School Frank damons and friends William, Pearl, Cleo Stockenstroom and Kitty Beets.
PURCELL  Betty Marion. 17/3.
RICHARDSON  John Maskiel, 20/3.
ROUSSEAU  Gerald (Paddie), 18/3, husband of Lilian.
SAVILLE  John, 18/3.
SONN  Pieter Martin (Pat).
SPLINTER  Gordon, 1/11/1948 - 18/3/2003, died tragically.
TANFIELD  Brynhilde and John, 18/3.
TAYLOR  Ryan William. Bishops extend their heartfelt sympathy to Julia and Bill Taylor on the tragic passing of their son, Ryan William.
VAN DIEMEN  Chris. 16/4
VAN SCHALKWYK  Jospeh Daniel, formerly of 135 12th Avenue, Kensington on 16/3 aged 80.
VENTER  Lucia, Cape Talk presenter tragically killed in hit and run.
VILJOEN  John (Snr) 16/3 aged 78.