ARGUS 13/5
ELMES  To Stuart and Adele in London a brother for Daniel on 4/5.
FALK/ TROKIS  To Brenden and Monique, a sister for Damien on 9/5.
HENDRICKS  To Sharifa and Faziel, a son on 11/5.
JORDAN  To Vuyiseka and Phila, a son on 12/5.
KHAN  To Mehnaaz and Moghamett, a daughter on 11/5.
MILLER  To Jacqui and Pauls, Nicola, sister for Natalie and Jessica on 28/4.
PEACOCKE  (nee MACLEAN) To Ann and Bernard, Rebecca Jane on 25/4.
SHARWOOD  Rory and Gill, Dylan James on 7/5.
SMITH  (nee BANNATYNE) To John and Camilla, Joshua Daniel on 9/5.
STRICKAND/ BARTMAN  To Alex and Michelle, Finn Micahel on 7/5.
VAN DER WESTHUIZEN  To Aletta and Coenraad, a son on 11/5.
WEINKOVE  To martin and Bonnie, a son on 8/5.
ALLEN  Ernest. Died of Parkinson's 6/9/1918-12/5/2003. Wife Ethel, daughter Pauline.
BENDER  Gloria (nee BANKS). 10/5. Husband Warren, children Debbie, Craig, Tracy, Shannon and Lindsay.
BLUFF  Mathilda (Aunt Tilly). 10/5.
BUDA  Alf. 11/5.
CAROLISSEN  Catherine Margaret (nee LAWRENCE). 17/9/27-9/5/03. Funeral 13/5. Husband Thomas.
CLIFFORD  Jack (JWC). Passed way peacefully in the UK.
CYSTER  Olive (nee Wienand). 10/5.
D'AGUANNO  Franco. 8/5.
DALY  Fr Martin. 10/5.
DAMONS  William (Doupie). Aged 70 on 10/5.
DE VILLIERS  Gladys Doreen (nee COTTON) Aged87 on 6/5.
DE WITT  Betty. 10/5. Missed by the Durbanville 8, Paul, Colin, Ken, John, Hubie, Wally and Fred.
DEWHURST  Ray. Aged 86 on 10 May. Husband of Vera.
DYSON  Marie. Aged 79 on 9/5.
GOMEZ  Francoise. Aged 74 on 10/5.
GORDON  Ernest. 10/5.
GREENBLATT  Hyman Charles. 11/5.
HAAS  Eva. Somerset West on 10/5.
HACK  Olive Ruth (nee HOGARTH). 9/5.
HALL  Madge. 9/5.
HOVEN  Fred Boeta. 8/5.
HUYGHE  Roger. Passed away peacfully while visiting family overseas.
JEFFREYS  Aileen. 11/5.
JOHANSSEN  Elizabeth (Betty). Aged 82 on 12/5.
JOHNSON  Barbara.
KOTZE  Louis. 11/5. Wife Elizabeth.
LAUBSCHER  Maureen. 8/5. Jehovah's Witness.
MILLER  Lorna. 8/5.
MOODIE  Edward. Aged 80 on 10 May.
MORRIS  Peter. 6/5.
MURIE  John. 10/5.
OLIVER  Peter. 7/5.
PETERSEN  Gerrard Andrew. 8/5.
PHILLIPS  Ivy (nee SOLOMONS). 13/5.
ROSS  Phyllis. In London on 8/5. Twin sister of late Audrey Weinrich.
ROWE  Alice (nee PONTES), Aunty Lovey. 10/5.
SMITH  Samuel. 5/2/1936-9/5/2003.
SOUTH  Dale Beverley.  25/2/47-11/5/03.
STRAUSS  Marlene. Died tragically.
SWAAGER  Jacoba Cornelia (Co). Aged 85 on 20/3.
SWART  Euphemia Elizabeth. 8/5.
UNTHANK  arnold. Aged 52 on 10/5.
VANNER  Mina. 9/5.
WEST  Jacky (nee FORD). Daughter of John and Connie Ford of Garlandale Crescent, Rondebosh East. Died in London on 3/5.
WIDES  Sydney. 95th birthday.
WINGROVE  Charmaine.