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General Nicolaas Jacobus Smit [1837-1896], commander of the Boer forces at the battles of Ingogo and Majuba. 

He enjoyed great loyalty among his own men. With his strong personality they were eager to follow him on the battlefield. As member of the Volksraad [Parliament] he was chosen vice-president in 1887. 

Smit was a brilliant military officer and within a few weeks he became world famous for this and honoured. 

Prussia made him Knight of the Red Eagle while the Netherlands gave him their highest award as Commander of the Order of the Dutch Lion. Portugal also gave him the highest award of their country.

Born at Doornbos, Graaff-Reinet district, on 30th May 1837, died in Pretoria 4th April 1896.

Courtesy http://www.battlefields.co.za/ 

He was the eldest child of Nicolaas Jacobus Smit, (decendent of Jan Smit and Adriana Tol) and Elizabeth Magdalena van der Merwe, (decendent of Willem Schalk van der Merwe and Elsie Cloete) all progenitors from the Netherlands, arriving at the Cape prior to 1688.

Married Hendrika Stephina Pretorius at Rustenburg on 1st April 1861, she bore him three sons and two daughters, and died 18th August 1894.

Married Susanna Maria Preller, nee Bruwer on 30th May 1895.

We now have clear details of his line to Jan Smit. Thanks to Lynn MacLeod, Izak Smit, Lesley Smit and Alwyn Smit.  Their assistance is appreciated.