Surnames beginning with P

Pieterse, Andre [P39]; {M}
Pieterse, Anna Cecilia Catharina [P16]; {F}
Pieterse, Anna Christina [P61]; {F}
Pieterse, Bartel Wilhelm [P7]; {M}; c 1-
Pieterse, Bartel Wilhelm [P44]; {M}; 1867-1867
Pieterse, Bartel Wilhelm [P12]; {M}; 1889-1953; Senekal
Pieterse, Barthold Wilhelm [P5]; {M}; 1798-; Swellendam
Pieterse, Ben-Oni Christoffel [P42]; {M}; 1907-
Pieterse, Christoffel Johannes [P15]; {M}
Pieterse, Christoffel P Jochemus [P50]; {M}; 1879-
Pieterse, Daan [P24]; {M}; 1893-
Pieterse, Elisabeth Francina [P62]; {F}
Pieterse, Emmerentia Petronella [P18]; {F}; 1890-
Pieterse, Ernst [P37]; {M}
Pieterse, Ernst Philippus [P35]; {M}; 1903-
Pieterse, Ernst Phillipus [P49]; {M}; 1877-
Pieterse, Frederik Jacobus [P63]; {M}
Pieterse, Frederik Jacobus [P46]; {M}; 1869-1869
Pieterse, Frederik Jacobus [P32]; {M}; 1900-
Pieterse, George [P34]; {M}
Pieterse, Gert [P28]; {M}; 1897-; South Africa
Pieterse, Isabella E M [P45]; {F}; 1868-1868
Pieterse, Isabella E M [P51]; {F}; 1880-
Pieterse, Jacobus [P30]; {M}; 1899-
Pieterse, Jacobus Johannes [P6]; {M}; South Africa
Pieterse, Jacobus Johannes [P64]; {M}
Pieterse, Margaretha Isabella [P20]; {F}; 1891-
Pieterse, Maria Catharina [P54]; {F}; South Africa
Pieterse, Maria Magdalena [P65]; {F}
Pieterse, Maria Magdalena [P47]; {F}; 1871-
Pieterse, Nellie [P40]; {F}; 1905-
Pieterse, Philo [P38]; {M}
Pieterse, Theodorus [P58]; {M}; South Africa
Pieterse, Theunis Louis [P48]; {M}; 1875-1875
Pieterse, Willem Jacobus [P10]; {M}; 1865-; Weltevreden, Marquard
Pieterse, Willem Jacobus [P26]; {M}; 1895-
Pieterse, Willem Jacobus [P14]; {M}; 1920-

Pietersen, Barthold (Bartel) [P1]; {M}; 1737-After 1824; Randers, Denmark
Pietersen, Frederick [P2]; {M}; 1773-; Swellendam
Pietersen, Jacobus Johannes [P9]; {M}; c 1-

Prinsloo, Isabella E M [P8]; {F}; Senekal

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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