Jacob Theunisz1

M, #13763, b. circa 1615, d. 29 December 1658

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Last Edited09/09/2015
Birth*Jacob Theunisz was born circa 1615 in Cooltiensplaet.1,2
Marriage*He married Mayken Hendriks van den Berg circa 1645.1,2
Death*He died on 29 December 1658 de Caep de Goede Hoop.3,4,5


Mayken Hendriks van den Berg b. c 1625
(CompanyEmployee) ShipVoyage On 10 April 1657 the Hasselt departed Vlie enroute to de Caep de Goede Hoop where it docked on 16 August 1657. Among the passengers were the 5 or 6 year old Gerritt Cloete, and Jacob Theunisz.6,7,5 
Occupation* On 15 December 1657 Jacob Theunisz was sailor.1 
NotesJacob Theunisz and Mayken Hendriks van den Berg were according to the early Cape records from Cooltiensplaet, which also appears as Cooltjens Plaet but today there is so such place in the Netherlands. However, there is a placed named Ooltgensplaat which was a separate municipality until 1966 when it became part of Oostflakkee, which also included Den Bommel. In 2013 Oostflakkee was one of the municipalities which amalgamated to become Goeree-Oostflakkee. This couple's daughter, Cornelia Theunisz, was described in the record as from Bommel, a strong indicator that modern day Ooltgensplaat is in fact Cooltiensplaet/Cooltjens Plaet.8,9
Monsterrollen and Opgaafrollen (Muster and tax rolls)On 15 February 1658 Pieter Visagie, Jacob Theunisz, Frans Gerritsz van den Uijthoorn and Symon Jansz: In 't Velt were enumerated in the muster roll, among the freemen, as Visagie's Company and owners.10
Vrijbriewen and Burgher StatusOn 15 December 1657, Jacob Theunisz was granted a vrijbrief or letter of freedom which released him from his contractual obligations to the VOC and accorded him the status of vrijburgher or free burgher. He was recorded as a sailor.11
He became a burgher on 15 December 1657, in Dutch vryburgher or vrijburgher, initially a status in which a soldier or other employee of the VOC was released from their contractual obligations to the VOC and permitted to farm, become a tradesman, or work for others. Subsequently some individuals, including the Huguenot refugees, were brought to the Cape specifically to farm and were burghers from the time of their arrival de Caep de Goede Hoop.1


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    Number     0870.1
    Name of ship     HASSELT
    Master     Moker, Jakob Hendriksz.
    Tonnage     365
    Type of ship     pinas
    Built     1656
    Yard     Amsterdam
    Chamber     Amsterdam
    Date of departure     10-04-1657
    Place of departure     Vlie
    Arrival at Cape     16-08-1657
    Departure from Cape     
    Date of arrival at destination     
    Place of arrival     
    Particulars     Remained for service at the Cape, and probably sailed to Batavia later on. Sailing to Arakan in 1665/66 it was wrecked.
    Next homeward voyage     
    On Board     I     II     III     IV     V     VI
    Seafarers     152     1     49               
    Soldiers               32.               "
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