Jan van Madagascar1

M, #14142, b. circa 1650

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Last Edited13/03/2016
BirthOrigin*Jan was from Madagascar and was perhaps born there circa 1650.1 
Contract* On 22 September 1694 Jan van Madagascar concluded a contract with Jan Kotze in which the latter promised to pay Jan Rds. 45 for his services.2 
Names in the record, in publications, etc.22 September 1694, the name of Jan was written in the record as Jan van Malagassies.3
Slave TransactionsOn 10 November 1677 Tidoor van Goa and Jan van Madagascar were sold by Tobias Marquaert to Leendert Jansz van Gijselen, as part of the sale of a home, stables and erf, garden, pots, his property of 101 morgen 295 roods on the Liesbeeck known as Boschenvelt, 5 cattle, 2 horses, a fully equipped wagon and gardening equipment for a skuldbrief of f 6 300. Only the first names of the slaves were included in the record, and I have assumed these were the correct individuals.4
On 28 August 1690 Jan van Madagascar was sold from the estate of Leendert Jansz van Gijselen by Fredrick Russouw de Wit and Jan Dircks de Beer to Claas Leendertsz for Rds. 50.5,6
Slave EmancipationsOn 22 September 1694 Jan van Madagascar was emancipated by Claas Leendertsz, on condition that he first worked, satisfactorily, for three years for Jan Cotse.3


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    Slaves First Name:       Jan     
    Presumed Place Of Origin:       van Madagascar     
    Day Of Sale:       28     
    Month Of Sale:       8     
    Year Of Sale:       1690     
    Type Of Sale:       Domestic     
    Type Of Name:       Christian     
    Continental Origin Code:       Mada&Mau     
    Slaves Age:       40     
    Slaves Gender:       Male     
    Price In Rixdollars:       55     
    Sellers Last Name:       Van Gijselen     
    Sellers First Name:       Leendert     
    Sellers Civil Status:       burgher     
    Sellers Gender:       Male     
    Sellers Domicile:       Liesbeeck valley     
    Sellers Occupation:       Market Gardener     
    Buyers Last Name:       Leendertsz     
    Buyers First Name:       Claas     
    Buyers Civil Status:       burgher     
    Buyers Gender:       Male     
    Buyers Domicile:       Cape district     
    Buyers Occupation:       hired servant     
    Primary Reference:       Member of orphan chamber. Hereinafter cited as Changing Hands.

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