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Last Edited30/09/2021
Property TransactionsIn 1712 following the death of Simon van der Stel, Constantia was subdivided into three properties known as Bergvliet, Groot Constantia and Klein Constantia. At the same time Witteboomen reverted to its former, separate state.
Groot Constantia was sold from the estate of Simon van der Stel, to Oelof Bergh in 1716.1
In 1724 on the death of Oelof Bergh Groot Constantia became the property of Anna de Koningh, his widow.1
In 1734 Groot Constantia was sold from the estate of Anna de Coningh, to Carl Georg Wieser.2
In 1759 Groot Constantia was sold from the estate of Carl Georg Wieser, to Jacobus van der Spuy, Wiese's stepson.3
Groot Constantia was sold by Jacobus van der Spuy, to Johann Serrurier in 1778.4
Groot Constantia was sold by Johann Serrurier, to Hendrick Cloeten in 1778.4
In 1799 on the death of Hendrick Cloeten Groot Constantia became the property of Hendrik Cloeten, the younger.5
In 1818 on the death of Hendrik Cloeten Groot Constantia became the property of Anna Catharina Scheller, his widow.6
In 1823 A section of Groot Constantia was sub-divided into Klein Constantia. This portion should not be confused with Klein Constantia also known as Petit Constance and De Hoop op Constantia.7
Groot Constantia was sold by an unknown person , to an unknown person in 1823.
Groot Constantia was sold by Anna Catharina Scheller, to Jacob Pieter Cloete in 1824.8
In 1875 following the insolvency of Jacob Pieter Cloete in 1872 Groot Constantia comes under the management of his son Hendrik Cloete who is assisted by his two sons.9
1885 Groot Constantia was sold at auction to the Cape Government, and in 1936 is proclaimed a national monument. In 1984 the entire Groot Constantia estate, including its homestead and all outbuildings - along with those of Hoop op Constantia - were declared a National Monument. In 1993 the newly formed Groot Constantia Trust becomes the sole owner of the farm.10


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