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Last Edited13/03/2019
ShipVoyage* On 18 December 1672 the Azië departed Texel enroute to de Caep de Goede Hoop where it docked on 15 April 1673. Among those on board who disembarked at the Cape were Albert Barends Gildenhuisz, Margaretha Hoefnagels, Hendrick Barentsz and Maria Hendricksz Winkelhausen. Albert and Hendrick appear to have been brothers.1,3
ShipVoyage On 24 November 1679 the Azië departed Batavia enroute to (Cape Town), de Caep de Goede Hoop, where it docked on 20 February 1680. On board were at least three Macassarese princes and their retinue, in total 18 identified as impotenten. The princes were sent as political exiles to the Cape for a variety of reasons. Among them were.4


  1. [S351] Grahame Naudé, "Dutch East India Company Shipping", Familia (DEIC Shipping) 43 Number 1 (2006): Details of voyage 1236.1 from Texel to Batavia
    Number     1236.1
    Name of ship     AZIË
    Master     Doen, Jan Sijbrandsz.
    Tonnage     1140
    Type of ship     
    Built     1671
    Yard     Amsterdam
    Chamber     Amsterdam
    Date of departure     18-12-1672
    Place of departure     Texel
    Arrival at Cape     15-04-1673
    Departure from Cape     19-05-1673
    Date of arrival at destination     14-08-1673
    Place of arrival     Batavia
    Particulars     On 29-12-1672 there was a fight with an English frigate (1 dead and 8 wounded), but the ship escaped on the third day. During this voyage the master and nearly all the officers died. Acc. to Daghregister 1673 the ship left the Cape on 26-05-1673.
    Next homeward voyage     5671.1
    On Board     I     II     III     IV     V     VI
    Seafarers     205     80     3     7     59     150
    Soldiers     97          34     35     31     67
    Passengers     24          5     4     6     17. Hereinafter cited as "Dutch East India Company Shipping."
  2. [S654] Mansell Upham 'What can't be cured, must be endured … Cape of Good Hope - first marriages & baptisms (1652-1665)', First Fifty Years, Uprooted Lives - Unfurling the Cape of Good Hope's Earliest Colonial Inhabitants (1652-1713), (, January 2012.
  3. [S780] Monsterrol van de vrije luijden 1673 for de Caep de Goede Hoop (Cape Town) (Genealogical Society of South Africa, eGSSA Branch "Albert Barents     Margriet Hoefnagels beijde nieuwelinx met Asia aengecomen
    Hendrick Barents     Maria Hendrix
         ". (The monsterrolle or muster rolls were in effect a population census. In my view they were likely based on ships' musters of the period.).
  4. [S432] Robert C-H Shell compiler, Changing Hands, A calendar of bondage in southern Africa, 1550 to 1888, CD-ROM; ISBN 1-86918-063-1; (Cape Town: Ancestry24, September 2007), section on the princes of macassar, citing Letters despatched: Lijst … de … Macasarschen Princen C.501. Hereinafter cited as Changing Hands.

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