Christiaan Bok

M, #3182, b. circa 1669, d. before 26 August 1716

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NGK (Cape Town) Baptisms 1665-1695NGK (Cape Town) Baptisms 1665-1695
NGK (Cape Town) Marriages1665-1695NGK (Cape Town) Marriages 1665-1695
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Birth*Christiaan Bok was born circa 1669 in Wolfenbüttel, Germany.1,2
Marriage*He married Anna Groothenning van Bengale on 5 February 1713 Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk, (Cape Town), de Caep de Goede Hoop.3,2
Marriage De facto Before 1702 Christiaan Bok and Anna Groothenning van Bengale were in a de facto relationship de Caep de Goede Hoop. . As a slave belonging to Bok's partner, Kaspar Geringer, Anna would likely have had no choice whether she wished to engage in any kind of relationship at all, with either Bok or Geringer. However, in time a relationship may have blossomed, for she had several more children with Bok and they were ultimately married after she was manumitted.4 
Death*He died before 26 August 1716 de Caep de Goede Hoop.5
Inventory*The estate of Christiaan Bok was inventoried between 26 August 1716 and 28 August 1716 Cabo de Goede Hoop. The inventory named Hans Kaspar Geringer, Anna Groothenning van Bengale, Michiel Bok van der Caep, Catharina Bok, Christiaan Bok and Clara Bok van der Caep as benefitting from the estate with Geringer receiving one half, his widow Anna, one quarter, and the remaining quarter divided between Michiel, Catharine, Johanna, Christiaan and Clara. Maria Bok was not mentioned. Sixteen male slaves valued at ƒ4,800, and 3 female slaves valued at ƒ450 were included in the inventory, none of whom were identified.6
LiquidDist* On 24 September 1721 a liquidation and distribution account was prepared in the estate of Hans Kaspar Geringer, Christiaan Bok and Anna Groothenning van Bengale.7


Anna Groothenning van Bengale b. c 1676, d. a 1719
Occupation* In 1696 Christiaan Bok was soldier in service of the VOC de Caep de Goede Hoop.2,1 
Arrival* In 1696, Christiaan Bok and Hans Kaspar Geringer arrived at the Cape, Geringer from Reetz in Germany while Bok was from Wolfenbüttel.8 
(Employee) Employment* On 29 January 1700 Caabse distrik Hans Kaspar Geringer employed Christiaan Bok in terms of a one-year contract which stipulated that Bok would received 12 guilders per month, plus board and lodging.9,10 
(Beneficiary) Will An unknown person was named as sole beneficiary in the will of Hans Kaspar Geringer on 9 June 1700 de Caep de Goede Hoop.11 
Will*Christiaan Bok and Hans Kaspar Geringer left a will on 29 January 1705 de Caep de Goede Hoop.12
LoanFarm* On 7 August 1710 Christiaan Bok and Hans Kaspar Geringer applied for a loan farm in de duynen.13 
Occupation On 3 January 1712 Christiaan Bok was baker (Cape Town), de Caep de Goede Hoop, .14 
NotesThe attached article by Margaret Cairns is essential reading for any descendant of Anna Groothenning.4
Monsterrollen and Opgaafrollen (Muster and tax rolls)On 23 January 1702 Christiaan Bok was enumerated in the muster roll Caabse distrik, He was enumerated after Andries Cuijper and before Gabriel Douwman and Elisabeth Adriaansz.15
Slave TransactionsIn 1703 Anna Groothenning van Bengale may have come in to the possession of Hans Kaspar Geringer when Christian Weinoch sold all his property to Johann Lorenz. It may have been that for some reason Jan Lorenz did not want her back in his household because she was apparently already the concubine of Christiaan Bok, the partner of Geringer, having born Bok a child, Michiel, in early 1702.16
Property TransactionsIn 1710 Christiaan Bok sold the property Christiaan in Cape Peninsula to Hans Kaspar Geringer, Velthuijsen.17


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    Country Of Birth:       Germany     
    Generation:       1     
    Birth Order:       1     
    Gender:       Male     
    Birth Year:       1668 Bok     
    Death Date:       1719/1718     
    Miscellaneous Date:       died 1719/1718     
    Type Of License:       New application     
    Day Of Abandonment:       7     
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    FarmName:     Velthuijsen     
    PropertyType:     Plaas en Hofstede (Farm)     
    PropertyNumber:     7     
    SellerSurname:     Bok     
    SellerName:     Christina     
    SellerCivilStatus:     Burgher     
    BuyerSurname:     Gerringer     
    BuyerName:     Hans C     
    BuyerCivilStatus:     Burgher     
    SaleType:     Estate     
    PurchasePrice:     4000     
    PurchasePriceComments:     Normal Transaction     
    SaleTerms:     Mortgage     
    Payments:     2667.     
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