André Gauch

M, #5222, b. circa 1660, d. 26 February 1698
Andre Gauche signature, 1691
Father*Pierre Gauch1 b. c 1635

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NGK (Cape Town) Marriages1665-1695NGK (Cape Town) Marriages 1665-1695
NGK Drakenstein Baptisms 1694-1732NGK Drakenstein Baptisms 1694-1732
Last Edited19/02/2017
BirthOrigin*André was from Le Pont-de-Montvert, Lanquedoc, and may have been born there circa 1660.2,3 
Marriage*He married Jacqueline Decré, daughter of Louis Decré, on 13 January 1683 Celigny, Genéve, Switzerland.1,2
Marriage*He married Jannetje de Clercq, daughter of Pieter Abraham(se) de Clercq and Sara Couchet, on 19 August 1691 Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk, (Cape Town), de Caep de Goede Hoop.4,2
Death* On 26 February 1698 André Gauch was murdered at his homestead, most likely in the Drakenstein district. He was struck three mortal blows to the head.

The perpertrator was never officially identified or brought to book, but circumstantial evidence suggests that Pieter Becker may have been the perpertrator, possibly with the knowledge of Jannetje de Clercq the wife of the deceased and whom he married, apparently within months.5,2 

Family 1

Jacqueline Decré b. c 1664, d. b 1691

Family 2

Jannetje de Clercq b. b 3 May 1676
(Witness) Signature Between 1690 and 1724, 54 Huguenots signed documents de Caep de Goede Hoop. These signatures were published by Graham Botha in his book The French Refugees at the Cape and can be seen in the attached scan of the relevant page and includes those of Louis de Berault, André Gauch, Jacques Delporte, Jean Durand, Jacques de Savoye, Jacques Nourtier, François Retif, Guillaume Néel, Paul Roux, Daniel Hùgo, David Senecal, Pierre Simond, Jean Prieur du Plessis, Guillaume du Toit, Francois du Toit, Jean le Roux, Jacques Therond, Hercules des Prez, Abraham de Villiers, Jean Gardiol, Jacques de Villiers, Pierre de Villiers, Isaac Taillefert, Jean Taillefert, Jean Gardé, Claude Marais, Estienne Bruere, Daniel des Ruelles, Pierre Rousseau, Jacques Pinard, Estienne Cronje, Jacques Malan, Gabriel le Roux, David du Buisson, Daniel Nourtier, Estienne Niel, Philippe Fouché, Gideon le Grand, Pierre Cronjé, Paul Couvret, Paul le Febvre, Salomon de Gournay, Pierre Vivier, Pierre Jourdan, Estienne Viret, Esaias Engelbert Caucheteux and Jean de Buijs.6
Occupation* On 13 May 1694 André Gauch was a blacksmith Drakenstein.7 
Names in the record, in publications, etc.19 August 1691, the name of André was written in the record as Andre Goosche.
25 September 1695, the name of André was written in the record as Handris Gauch.8
Slave TransactionsOn 13 May 1694 Claas van Madagascar was sold by Pieter van der Poel to André Gauch, for Rds. 90.7


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