Abraham Bastiaanz Pijl

M, #6904, b. circa 1665, d. between 4 October 1703 and 14 October 1703

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NGK Stellenbosch Baptisms 1688-1732NGK Stellenbosch Baptisms 1688-1732
Last Edited18/11/2017
Birth*Abraham Bastiaanz Pijl was born circa 1665.1,2
Marriage*He married Cornelia Cornelisse, daughter of Cornelis Claasz and Catharina van Malabar, before 1690.2
Death*He died between 4 October 1703 and 14 October 1703 de Caep de Goede Hoop, suicide.3,1,4


Cornelia Cornelisse b. 18 Nov 1674
Names in the record, in publications, etc.2 February 1690, the name of Abraham was written in the record as Abraham Pijl.5
27 May 1691, the name of Abraham was written in the record as Abraham Bastiaans.
16 November 1692, the name of Abraham was written in the record as Abram Bastijaans.6
8 January 1696, the name of Abraham was written in the record as Abram Bastiaans Pyl.7
18 October 1699, the name of Abraham was written in the record as Aberam Pijel.8


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    Sien D&P p.744 en SAG 8 Pi-Q p.516. Hy was 'n wamaker van beroep en het die plaas Groenrivier besit. Hy is reeds vanaf 1685 op Stellenbosch (monsterrolle). Hy pleeg selfmoord 29.9.1703 omdat, soos hy dit gestel het, sy vrou hom daartoe gedryf het. Sy jongste seun is op 14.10.1703 gedoop - twee weke na sy vader se dood.. Hereinafter cited as Palmkronieke I Baptisms.
  2. [S21] Date estimated by compiler, Delia Robertson and, unless there is corroborating information, should not be considered as anything more than a guide.
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  4. [S331] Webpage Ball Family Records (www.ballfamilyrecords.co.uk) "On the evening of Friday 28th September he was pulled from the river by the children of Jan van Zijlen and taken to their house and put before the fire to dry and given a bed for the night. About midnight Jan van Zijlen was woken by screams and found Pijl out of his bed with his throat cut and a bloody knife by him.

    On the next day came the Landdrost Pieter Robbertsz, and the heemraden Dirk Coetse and Gulliam du Toit, accompanied by the surgeon Jean du Plessi, where they found Abraham Pijl still alive. He told them by gestures and words that he himself was responsible and that his wife was the cause, but gave no further explanation. (1 STB 18/154, 4th October 1703, pages 183-186)."
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