Willem Bootha1

M, #7687, b. 2 November 1687, d. before 4 January 1728
Father*Frederich Both2,3 b. 4 Mar 1653
Mother*Maria Kickers3 b. c 1662

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BirthWillem Bootha was born before 2 November 1687.4
Marriage*He married Catrina Pijl, daughter of Abraham Bastiaanz Pijl and Cornelia Cornelisse, on 14 July 1709 Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk, (Cape Town), de Caep de Goede Hoop.5
Death*He died before 4 January 1728 de Caep de Goede Hoop.6


Catrina Pijl b. 16 Nov 1692
(Child2) Ménage à trois Between 11 June 1683 and 1700 Maria Kickers and Jan Cornelisz were legally married, but at the same time, from at least 1687 Frederich Both and Maria were lovers, apparently with the agreement of Jan. During divorce proceedings in 1700 Maria conceded that eight of her children, that is Theunis Botha, Willem Bootha, Catrijna Both, Cornelia Botha, Anna Bota, Maria Botha and Johannes Botha were fathered by Frederich Both(a) with the apparent encouragement (aanleijding) of her spouse, Jan Cornelisz, at the time. All of these offspring subsequently used the surname Both(a). However, in 1689 two women alleged that Theunis, Maria's oldest child, was fathered by Ferdinandùs Appel. This is born out by modern DNA tests, which have shown that direct patrilineal descendants of Theunis tested positive for the same Y-DNA haplogroup as direct patrilineal descendants of Appel.7 
Names in the record, in publications, etc.Between 11 August 1709 and 9 January 1717, the name of Willem was written in the record as Willem Boota.8
Between 7 December 1710 and 13 January 1715, the name of Willem was written in the record as Willem Bota.9
BaptismsWillem Bootha was baptized on 2 November 1687 Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk, Stellenbosch, de Caep de Goede Hoop. The baptism was witnessed by Marij Kickers, Jan Cornelisz van Outbeijerland and Willem van Emmerhorst.2,10


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