Caterina van de Caep1

F, #9203, b. circa 1675

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NGK (Cape Town) Baptisms 1665-1695NGK (Cape Town) Baptisms 1665-1695
NGK Stellenbosch Baptisms 1688-1732NGK Stellenbosch Baptisms 1688-1732
Last Edited30/01/2022
BaptismCaterina van de Caep was baptized on 3 May 1693 Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk, Stellenbosch, de Caep de Goede Hoop.2,3 
Marriage*She married Ernst Friedrich Walter before 22 April 1695.1


Ernst Friedrich Walter b. c 1660, d. 1697
Names in the record, in publications, etc.3 May 1693, the name of Caterina was written in the record as Catrijna.2
Crime and relatedBefore 3 October 1695 Hans Heinrich Hatting attempted to slit the throat of Caterina van de Caep. However he was not successful, instead cutting her hand. Catrijn, the wife of Ernst Friedrich Walter, had sought help from the burgher councillor and surgeon Matthias Greeff, who testified under oath that the wound was caused by a knife. Hattingh was not prosecuted nor did Catrijn seek a civil remedy.4,5,6
Slave BirthsCirca 1675, Caterina van de Caep was born in bondage.1
Slaves owned by individualsBefore 8 March 1690 Caterina van de Caep was owned by Christina Does.7


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