This list highlights first nations people. Few first nations people, Khoe, San, etc., are currently included  in the project. This will change when I have finished entering data from the church and other records of the period and move on to the journals, official correspondence, court records, etc.

With respect to the first nations people - Khoe and San (Bushmen) - in particular, it is important to bear in mind that everything we know about them in the first decades of the settlement at the Cape, comes from records (journals, letters, etc.) written by members of the settler population. We do not have the words, perspectives, or knowledge of these original people, except as quoted by the settlers who did not know their language, and who routinely commented on their lifestyle, customs and traditions as individuals who clearly saw themselves as superior. The settlers often wrote with disdain, suspicion and prejudice, and if the expected action did not materialise and confirm the suspicion/prejudice, this was frequently turned on its head, to show ill-intent on the part of the indigene(s). A complete picture never emerges. Intrepretation of these records is therefor always going to be constrained by this lack of balance.

There is also an increasingly vocal interest group who maintain that the settler population at the Cape were "there first" and that Africans arrived after them. This is clearly a nonsense as is born out by the 1726 map which showed the locations of the various First Nations people. If not African, then what were the Khoe and San? The same group also insists there are no modern survivors of the Khoe and San - which is just as much of a nonsense.




(no surname)
Eva  b. 1641/42, d. 29 Jul 1674
Jan  b. c 1630
Claes  b. c 1630
Den Grooten Schaepharder off siginman
Ankaisao  b. c 1620
First Nations
Eva  b. 1641/42, d. 29 Jul 1674
of the Chainouquas
Chaynunqua  b. c 1600
Sousoa  b. c 1630
of the Chariguriquas
Hosa  b. c 1630
of the Chobona
of the Cochoquas
Gonnoma  b. c 1630, d. 1689/90
Koukosoa  b. c 1630, d. 1689/90
Namies  b. c 1650
Oedasoa  b. c 1620, d. 1689/90
of the Gorachouqua
!Kora  b. c 1620
Chora  b. c 1620
Gaking  b. c 1625
of the Goringchaicona
Demtaš  b. c 1630
of the Goringhaicona
Arre  b. c 1630
Autshumao  b. c 1600, d. 1663
Boubo  b. c 1630
Bymam-Kakoa-Danhou  b. c 1630
Claes  b. c 1630
Claes Das  b. c 1630
Hemoao Khatimaš  b. c 1630
Herry  b. c 1600, d. 1663
Hum Tha Saankhumma  b. c 1630
Humtha Sankhumma  b. c 1630
Jan Cou  b. c 1630
Khamy  b. c 1630
Khonomao Namtesij  b. c 1630
Krotoa  b. 1641/42, d. 29 Jul 1674
Lubbert  b. c 1620
Orenbare  b. c 1630
Pn  b. c 1610
Pn  b. c 1630
Sister of Krotoa  b. c 1630
Symon  b. c 1630
Thoe Maka Koa  b. c 1630
Thoo Makakoa  b. c 1630
of the Goringhaiqua
Ankeijsaoa  b. c 1620
Doman  b. c 1630
Domine  b. c 1630
Gogosoa  b. c 1562
Jan  b. c 1625
Khuma  b. c 1625
Oringhkhimma  b. c 1620
Osaoa  b. c 1630
Osinghkamma  b. c 1620
Otegno  b. c 1630
Peter  b. c 1630
Schacher  b. c 1620
of the Namaqua
Akembie (King)  b. bt 1591 - 1601

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