The people who add value to the First Fifty Years project

I am indebted to those who have helped - and continue to help - add value to the project

Ron Smit - who provides a home for the project on e-Family; Mansell Upham for untold help; Hans Heese who allowed me to translate his seminal work Groep Sonder Grense into English as Cape Melting Pot; Gerda Pieterse, Daniel Jacobs, Richard Ball; the contributors to Remarkable Writing - currently Mansell Upham, Charlie Els.  This page will also identify specific help given, with the most recent at the top. 

Corney Keller sent me a gedcom containing a complete transcription of the Cape Town marriages 1696-1712.  However, not all are included at present, as I am still busy with the merge.

Mansell Upham has shared the transcripts of marriages in Stellenbosch between 1700 and 1712.  Not all have yet been added to the data.  He co-manages FFY's new Facebook page, and shares volumes of images and other information relevant to the project.  He has shared important knowledge about practices during the VOC period - Discriminatory Roman-Dutch Law Principles, Nomenclature & identity tags peculiar to the Cape of Good Hope, Batavian Edicts - and also recently shared an image and a transcript of Angela van Bengale's will.  He has contributed three more articles to Remarkable Writing and I have been able to update numerous individuals from these other recent articles.  From September 2012, Mansell's writings about this period will appear as part of Uprooted Lives, Biographical excusions into the lives of the Cape of Good Hope's earliest colonial inhabitants - an occasional series published Remarkable Writing. He has shared numerous transcriptions and images and corrected many, many errors.

Richard Ball recently checked the Stellenbosch marriage register for 1723, 1724 and 1725, has provided numerous transcriptions (including those on the eGSSA website), many corrections, some images, and offered lots of advice.

Ockert Malan and Lorna Newcomb and also the members of the Drakenstein Heemkring for the generous and wonderful work in their compilations of Palmkronieke I; (data, full transcripts and images to follow)  and Drakenstein I (data and transcripts, images to follow).

Jansi Syfert takes the time to let me know each time she finds an anomaly or error on FFY - most recently for Anthonij Lombard and Isabella Potgieter; Guillaume Néel; the children of Jacob Delport and Sara Biebout; and, Pieter Delport.  See List of Changes.

Pieter J van der Merwe goes to the trouble of fact-checking numerous entries and pointing out errors and anomalies.

Peter van der Poel of the Netherlands, kindly provided birth and baptism details for Pieter van der Poel and Johanna Vian(d)t

Christie van der Walt sent a correction of Jan Jurgensz Cotze.

Jan Mienie pointed out an error in the data of Ignatio Leopold Ferreira

Jenny McWilliams provided a date correction for Anna Bota

Demornay du Toit provided a data correction for Cornelia Campenaar

Daniel Jacobs has shared numerous source records

Theunis Kotze helped with Jan Kotze and other Kruger individuals

Sheena Bass transcribed parts of the journals

Morag Charlton transcribed parts of the journals

Jeanette Hartnack transcribed parts of the journals

Sasa Malan corrected the witness to the baptism of Lourens Erasmus on 22 Jun 1704

Pieter van Aardt amongst other things, shared a map of early Cape farms and properties

Piet Conradie for help with Friedrich Conradi

Piet and Christo Venter helped with Hendrik Venter

Nantes Kruger helped with the Kruger progenitors, including Jacob Kruger and shared documents and images

Lizette helped with some corrections

Johan Hanekom shared the marriage transcript for Jürgen Hanekom and Johanna van den Bosch and helped with corrections

Johan Vermeulen provided transcripts and a copy of a sheet of Cape baptisms for 1686 and also data corrections.

Jeanne Maartens helped with corrections to the Dreyer progenitor

Without the software programs I use, this project would never have seen light of day.

Bob Velke's The Master Genealogist (TMG) enables the compiler to dynamically link individuals to common events or documents, such as baptisms and marriages - but even beyond that to things like Van Riebeeck's Journal (still to come) , the opgaaf (still to come) and even ship's voyages - check out Borssenburg under the last name, VOC SHIP, in the master index. The possibilities are limited only by the user's imagination.

John Cardinal's Second Site. Second Site is powerful website building software exclusively for TMG and uses the raw data in the user's TMG project to build the sites. Both programs are infinitely user-customisable and Bob Velke and John Cardinal offer extraordinary support to users.


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