• First People, Slaves, Exiles, Convicts and their families

    This list highlights first nations people, slaves, political exiles, convicts and their families. Few first nations people, Khoe, San, etc., are currently included in the project. This will change when I have finished entering data from the church and other records of the period and move on to the journals, official correspondence, court records, etc. This section also illustrates mixed unions, formal and otherwise - the extent of which are underestimated by many people.

    With respect to the first nations people - Khoe and San (Bushmen) - in particular, it is important to bear in mind that everything we know about them in the first decades of the settlement at the Cape, comes from records (journals, letters, etc.) written by members of the settler population. We do not have the words, perspectives, or knowledge of these original people, except as quoted by the settlers who did not know their language, and who routinely commented on their lifestyle, customs and traditions as individuals who clearly saw themselves as superior. They often wrote with disdain, suspicion and prejudice, and if the expected action did not materialise and confirm the suspicion/prejudice, this was frequently turned on its head, to show ill-intent on the part of the indigene(s). A complete picture never emerges. Intrepretation of these records is therefor always going to be constrained by this lack of balance.

    While there were one or two cases of individuals who were literate, this applies also to the slaves and political exiles.




  • List of Changes

    Additions and changes made to individuals in this project in the past three months

  • List of people needing identification, verification, clarification, etc.

    These are individuals whom I need to further identify, verify or clarify.  The list is short at present, but it will become longer over time, until it once again becomes shorter.  Any assistance with these individuals will be greatly appreciated.


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