Keith Meintjes has kindly provided an electronic version of the Meintjes family history

These files are in Adobe PDF format, and may be downloaded by right-clicking
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The complete Meintjes Family book - 107 pages ( 490Kb)
Meintjes Family book cover - ( 57Kb)

Keith resides in the USA, and is available on [] for comments or queries. 

There is also a forum which Keith set up at:

Recent contributions from Keith: 

The Watney Family in South Africa , and �Blanco� Watney of Sedgefield

Recent corrections from Keith 13 Dec 2016:

Keith Meintjes has identified a substantial error in the Meintjes genealogy, where three wives attributed to separate men in de Villiers / Pama were actually married to the same man. An article on this was published in Familia in 2011, and can be seen here:

Meintjes/Wives of JP Meintjes Nov 2016.pdf

Keith has now updated the Meintjes family genealogy to correct this error.  The update can be seen and downloaded here:

Meintjes/Meintjes b4c3 Corrected Dec 2017 v1.pdf

This information replaces the descendants of a1b4c3, Johannes Petrus Meintjes, starting on page 27 of Keith�s book (link), up to a1b4c4, Albert Meintjes, at the bottom of page 35. This corrected information was prepared for the forthcoming �M� volume of South African Families.

Keith says, �I suggest you print the correction and place it in the book.  I do not know when I will find the energy to update the book itself.  It will take many hours to reformat the pages and to fix the indexes.�


Keith has also provided files that document the genealogy of four prominent South Africans:

Paul (Stephanus Johannes Paulus) Kruger, (10 October 1825 � 14 July 1904), President of the ZAR (9 May 1883 � 10 September 1900)

Jan (Jan Christiaan) Smuts, (24 May 1870 � 11 September 1950), Prime Minister of South Africa (5 September 1939 � 4 June 1948)

DF (Daniel Fran�ois) Malan, (22 May 1874 � 7 February 1959), Prime Minister of South Africa (4 June 1948 � 30 November 1954)

FW (Frederik Willem) de Klerk, (18.03.1936 - ), President of South Africa (20 September 1989 � 9 May 1994)

Keith says: "I obtained these files, a decade ago, because I wanted to explore my relationships to these men. This is not authoritative current research, and it is not my own research. I know there are errors. But, I think they are useful and interesting."






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