Keith Meintjes has kindly provided an electronic version of the Meintjes family history

These files are in Adobe PDF format, and may be downloaded by right-clicking
on the file name, then select save as...

The complete Meintjes Family book - 107 pages ( 490Kb)
Meintjes Family book cover - ( 57Kb)

Keith resides in the USA, and is available on [] for comments or queries. 

There is also a forum which Keith set up at:

Recent contributions from Keith: 

The Watney Family in South Africa , and “Blanco” Watney of Sedgefield

Recent corrections from Keith 13 Dec 2016:

Keith Meintjes has identified a substantial error in the Meintjes genealogy, where three wives attributed to separate men in de Villiers / Pama were actually married to the same man. An article on this was published in Familia in 2011, and can be seen here:

Meintjes/Wives of JP Meintjes Nov 2016.pdf

Keith has now updated the Meintjes family genealogy to correct this error.  The update can be seen and downloaded here:

Meintjes/Meintjes b4c3 Corrected Dec 2017 v1.pdf

This information replaces the descendants of a1b4c3, Johannes Petrus Meintjes, starting on page 27 of Keith’s book (link), up to a1b4c4, Albert Meintjes, at the bottom of page 35. This corrected information was prepared for the forthcoming “M” volume of South African Families.

Keith says, “I suggest you print the correction and place it in the book.  I do not know when I will find the energy to update the book itself.  It will take many hours to reformat the pages and to fix the indexes.”


Keith has also provided files that document the genealogy of four prominent South Africans:

Paul (Stephanus Johannes Paulus) Kruger, (10 October 1825 – 14 July 1904), President of the ZAR (9 May 1883 – 10 September 1900)

Jan (Jan Christiaan) Smuts, (24 May 1870 – 11 September 1950), Prime Minister of South Africa (5 September 1939 – 4 June 1948)

DF (Daniel François) Malan, (22 May 1874 – 7 February 1959), Prime Minister of South Africa (4 June 1948 – 30 November 1954)

FW (Frederik Willem) de Klerk, (18.03.1936 - ), President of South Africa (20 September 1989 – 9 May 1994)

Keith says: "I obtained these files, a decade ago, because I wanted to explore my relationships to these men. This is not authoritative current research, and it is not my own research. I know there are errors. But, I think they are useful and interesting."






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