Bruijnet van de Caep1

F, #16321, b. circa 1675
Mother*Maria van Guinea b. c 1652

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Last Edited04/07/2015
Birth*Bruijnet van de Caep was born circa 1675 in de Caep de Goede Hoop, she was said to be 22 years old in 1697.1
Slave TransactionsOn 18 January 1697 Bruijnet van de Caep was sold by Johannes Starrenburg to Maria van Guinea, for Rds. 85. Both Böeseken and Shell incorrectly record the purchaser to be Pieter van de Westhuysen however this was corrected by Hattingh in Kronos. The purchaser was her mother, who emancipated her daughter in 1703.2,3
Slave EmancipationsOn 1 October 1703 Bruijnet van de Caep was emancipated by Maria van Guinea, her mother.4


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    Second Name:       Traced to other documents     
    Toponym:       van der Kaap     
    Name Type:       Facetious     
    Continental Origin:       Creole     
    Slave Place Origin:       Creole     
    Gender:       F     
    Simplified Age:       Adult     
    Age:       28     
    Price In Rix Dollars:       90     
    Currency:       RD     
    Repatriation:       Resident     
    Slave Status:       Burgher     
    Kin Involved:       No     
    Owner Related:       Yes     
    No Of Slaves In Manumission Related:       1     
    Owner Surname:       Westhuizen, van der     
    Owner First Name:       Pieter     
    Owner Repatriation:       NORE     
    Owner Death Status:       Alive     
    Owner Gender:       Male     
    Owner Status:       Burgher     
    Owner Marital Status:       Widow     
    Owner Marriage Day:       5     
    Owner Marriage Month:       11     
    Owner Marriage Year:       1673     
    Owner Occupation:       Farmer     
    Owner District:       Cape     
    Owner Immigration:       Yes     
    Owner Wealth:       8     
    Manumitter Surname:       Geunie [U]     
    Manumitter First Name:       Marij     
    Manumitter Relation:       Mother     
    Manumitter Death:       MANU     
    Manumitter Gender:       Female     
    Manumitter Status:       Freeblack     
    Manumitter Marital Status:       Single     
    Manumitter District:       Table Valley     
    Manumitter Immigration:       Yes     
    Manumitter Wealth:       4     
    Sale Transaction Day:       1     
    Sale Transaction Month:       10     
    Sale Transaction Year:       1703     
    IDNO:       3144     
    Manumission Type:       Purchase     
    Right Of Manumission:       Other     
    Year Freed:       1703     
    Additional References:       Pama. 1118     
    Reference:       Transporten and Scheepenkennis     
    Page Number:       Page 224-5     
    Note:       no trace on manumitter. Hereinafter cited as Changing Hands.

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