Hendrik Elbrechts1

M, #16945, b. circa 1630

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Last Edited10/07/2015
BirthOrigin*Hendrik was from Ossenbrugge and may have been born there circa 1630. His age is estimated.1 
(Recipient) LandGrant On 14 April 1657, Steven Jansz Botma, Otto Jansz:, Hendrik Elbrechts and Jacob Cornelisz Rosendaal were granted land on the eastern shore of the Liesbeecq, near the Bound Thorn Bush, 160 roods NW to SE and 200 roods N to S. The grant was signed by Rijcklof van Goens.2 
Monsterrollen and Opgaafrollen (Muster and tax rolls)On 20 March 1656 Hendrik Elbrechts was enumerated in the muster roll, as an adelborst or midshipman.1
On 15 February 1658 Hendrik Elbrechts and Steven Jansz Botma were enumerated in the muster roll, among the freemen, as Steven's Company and owners of the land granted to them. Enumerated with them was Wilhelm Wilhelmse van Deventer described as 'in their service.3'
Vrijbriewen and Burgher StatusOn 14 August 1657, Hendrik Elbrechts was granted a vrijbrief or letter of freedom which released him from his contractual obligations to the VOC and accorded him the status of vrijburgher or free burgher. The vrijbrief was signed by Rijcklof van Goens.4


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  2. [S647] Precis of the archives of the Cape of Good Hope, p.262-263 The Commander and Council of the Fort the Good Hope, at Cabo de Boa Esperance, having been pointed out and respectfully asked for by Steven Jansz:, of Wageningen, Otto Jansz:, of Vreede, Hendrick Elbrechtsz:, of Osenbrugge, Jacob Cornelisz:, of Rosendael – all burghers and residents – a certain plot of ground, situated in the big veld or pass between Table and False Bays, behind Table Mountain, on the East side of the little Liesbeeck, near the Bound Thorn Bush, in breadth mostly N. by W. and S. by E., 160 roods, in depth E. by N. and W. by S. at the N. and S. side 200 roods, adjoining on the W. the large public road at the said E. side of the aforesaid Liesbeeck, on the E. the Company’s orchard, towards the Cape mountain range, on the W. towards the mountains of the Continent of Africa; and on the S. and N. the cultivated and still to be cultivated land of the Hon. Company, just as it has been laid down and shown by the Surveyor in the annexed chart; that the same land, that is fit for the purpose, may without delay, be at once sown with wheat, rye, rice and other grain, and be taken possession of in freehold, and held without any tax for the space of 12 years, provided that the grantees shall not be permitted to sell, let or alienate the same, before the said 12 years shall have expired, and only then with the knowledge and consent of the Council aforesaid, instead of mortgage deeds, in which case they shall remain subject to the payment of such taxes and dues, as well as to allow such high roads thenceforth through their lands, as may have been resolved upon by the authorities in this country subject to the approbation of our Principals, or may hereafter be ordained in the interests of the Company and that of the public, on condition however that should the said freemen on account of dissipation or otherwise, be found not to display sufficient diligence, and consequently leave their lands untilled, they shall forfeit all such lands, which shall again be taken possession of by the Hon. Company, and they shall further refund the Company with their labour all the debts which they have incurred, and be bound to protect and guard all such redoubts or watch-houses as shall be erected by the Hon. Company for the protection of their lands, everything subject to the approval and confirmation of the Honourable Masters.
         Given in the Fort “The Good Hope,” on the 14th April, 1657, and signed Ryckloff van Goens. On the open space was pressed the seal of the Company in red wax, under which stood, “By order of the above-mentioned honourable gentleman, in the Fort, and on the date as above and signed by me–
    ABRAHAM GABBEMA, as Clerk."
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