Admiral Gilles de La Roche-Saint-André1

M, #6532, b. 1621, d. August 1668

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Last Edited11/08/2016
Birth*Admiral Gilles de La Roche-Saint-André was born in 1621 at Château des Ganuchères in Treize-Septiers en Vendée, .2
Death*He died in August 1668, on board the Le Jules off the cost of Galicia.3
(Commander) ShipVoyage On 25 March 1656 the St Georges, La Duchesse, La Maréschale and La Erman, ships of the French fleet arrived at arrived at Saldanha Bay under the overall command of Admiral Gilles de La Roche-Saint-André. Among those on board St Georges/St. Joris were three enslaved Malagasy royal children, including Cornelia Arabus and Lijsbeth Arabus and an unnamed male child who died 3 months later. The fleet had sailed from Nantes via Cap Vert, travelling around the Cape and visiting Madagascar, Ile de Bourbon, Socotra, and the Red Sea - returning via the same route.4 
Slave TransactionsOn 29 March 1656 Lijsbeth Arabus and Cornelia Arabus were gifted by Admiral Gilles de La Roche-Saint-André, to Maria de la Queillerie de Caep de Goede Hoop, however this transaction was revoked by the Visiting VOC Commissioner Ryckloff van Goens senior, and Lijsbeth and Cornelia then became the property of the Company who could be hired out to officials.5,6,7


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    Lijsbeth Arabus van Abisinna
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