Johanna Kemp1

F, #6741, b. circa August 1696, d. 27 October 1778
Father*N Kemp2,3 b. c 1665
Mother*Cicilia Swerisse4,3 b. b 8 Sep 1675, d. b Dec 1713

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NGK (Cape Town) Marriages1665-1695NGK (Cape Town) Marriages 1665-1695
Last Edited01/09/2017
Slave Birth - Company OwnedJohanna Kemp was born in bondage circa August 1696 and was owned by the VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie), Slave Lodge, (Cape Town), de Caep de Goede Hoop, Johanna Kemp.5,6
Marriage*Johanna Kemp married Jacob Crùger, son of Franz Kröger and Elisabeth Hartwig, on 1 May 1718 Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk, (Cape Town), de Caep de Goede Hoop.7
Death*She died on 27 October 1778.6


Jacob Kruger b. 28 Jul 1690, d. 29 Oct 1749
Duplicate?*It is possible that Magdalena van de Caep and Johanna Kemp are the same individual. Johanna Kemp's stated age at death indicates a birth date in August 1696 - and the baptism for Magdalena fits the profile for Johanna. In addition, the mother in the baptism immediately succeeding that of Magdalena is also named Magdalena, creating the environment for a potential scribal error.8 
Names in the record, in publications, etc.1 May 1718, the name of Johanna was written in the record as Jannetje Kemp.7
NotesJohanna Kemp and Jacob Kruger are featured in the attached article by Barry Kruger which first appeared in Familia.9 See: Article by Barry Kruger


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    JOHANNA KEMP, stam moeder, d. 27.10.1778 and was buried 30.10.1778. This information was sent by Pieter Ernst Kruger (b)7 in a letter to his nephews, nieces and his nephew-in-law Daniel Coenraad Braune written from either Orangefontein or Zoute Kloof on 22.11.1778. (MOOC 14/50) He, at the time he wrote this letter, believed that his brother Johannes Kruger (b)4 had recently died. He states "Ik hebbe verstaan dat broeder jan Kruger ook doot soude weesen maar nog geen schryvinge daar van gehat.? Two original signatures of Jacobus Kruger(b)1, eldest son of the stamvader, dated 17.2.1777 are also contained in MOOC 14/50. They are receipts for monies received some twenty months before his death. The stam moeder died aged 82 years and two months; it would appear therefore that she was born in August 1696. Her original signature, made 28.10.1720, is in CJ 2600. No. 67 Cape Archives.. Hereinafter cited as Lives of the earlier Krugers.
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