Anna van Beulen1

F, #12540, b. between 1714 and 1715
Father*Jan Jansz von Böllen2 b. c 1695
Mother*Anna van de Caep van Christina2 b. c 1687

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Last Edited27/10/2021
Slave Birth - Company OwnedAnna van Beulen was born in bondage between 1714 and 1715 and was owned by the VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie), Slave Lodge, (Cape Town), de Caep de Goede Hoop, when her mother applied for her manumission in 1724, she said her daughter was 9-years-old. As a company owned slave, she would most likely have been born in the Slave Lodge Anna van Beulen.3,2
Marriage*Anna van Beulen married Willem Stolts, son of Gabriel Stols and Christina Pietersz van de Caep, on 15 May 1735 Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk, (Cape Town), de Caep de Goede Hoop.4,5
Marriage*She married Gerrit Coetzee, son of Dirk Coetzee and Sara van der Schulp, on 22 August 1751.2

Family 1

Willem Stolts b. 25 Jan 1694, d. b 3 Oct 1750

Family 2

Gerrit Coetzee b. 5 Sep 1683
  • Jacobus Hendrik Coetzee2 b. b 3 Sep 1752
(Spouse) Duplicate?It is possible that Christijn Pietersz van de Caep and Christina Pietersz van de Caep are the same individual. However, I am now of the view that there were two Christine/Christijn Pietersz: van de Caep living more-or-less contemporaneously.

The individual more frequently recorded as Christijn /Christyn was a company owned slave who spent a large part, if not all her life in the Slave Lodge.

The other was more frequently referred to as Christina, and she was a privately-owned by Jan Stevensz Botma de Jonge and Christina de Brùyn and subsequently, in 1723, manumitted with her son Willem Stolts by the latter.

The reasons I have come to this conclusion are the following:
1. Each woman had a son named Willem. Christina's son was baptised in 1694 and became known as Willem Stolts (var). He died in 1750.Christijn's son was baptised in 1710. He is first enumerated in the Slave Lodge census of 1714, again in 1727 and dies in 1753 - still a company owned slave resident in the Slave Lodge.
2. Willem Stolts married Anna van Beulen who was the grandaughter of Christijn Pietersz, the company-owned slave. If the two, Christina and Christijn, were the same individual, Willem would have married his niece - which is possible but unlikely.

I would be most grateful for updates or corrections. Thank you.6,7,8 
(Beneficiary) InventoryShe benefitted from the estate of Willem Stolts on 3 October 1750 de Caep de Goede Hoop as specified in the inventory.9
Names in the record, in publications, etc.Anna van Beulen was also known as Anna van Böllen.1
Anna van Beulen was also known as Johanna van Belen.2
Anna van Beulen was also known as Anna van de Caep.10
Slave EmancipationsIn 1724 Anna van de Caep van Christina applied for the manumission of her daughter Anna van Beulen who at the time was a 9-year-old in the Slave Lodge. It is assumed that the application was successful because in May 1735 her daughter married which she could not have done if she had still been enslaved. Anna van der Heijde offered the "healthy" slave Januarij van Mallebaar in exchange for her daughter's freedom. However he is recorded as part of the estate of her husband Willem Stolts in 1750, suggesting that this exchange was ultimately not enforced.3


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    Toponym     van de Caab
    Birth Place     Creole
    Place Of Birth     South Africa
    Continent     Africa
    Gender     Male
    Age Group     Child
    Status     Dependent
    Occupation     Scholar
    Occupational Group     Dependent
    Relatives     None mentioned
    RelativeName     No names
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    Toponym     van de Caab
    Birth Place     Creole
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    Continent     Africa
    Gender     Male
    Domicile/Workplace     Lodge
    Status     Slave
    Relatives     None mentioned
    RelativeName     No names
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    Inventaris van alle soodanige goederen actien en crediten als ab intestato sijn naargelaaten en met ’er dood ontruijmt door den landbouwer Willem Stolts ten voordeele van sijn naargelaatene huijsvrouw Anna van Beulen ter eenre, en hun bij den anderen in huwelijk geprocreeerde kinderen, met naame

    Christina oud 14     ter ander sijde
    Gabriel oud 13
    Catharina oud 8
    Pieternella oud 7
    Willem oud 6, en
    Anna Stolts oud 3 jaaren …."
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