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(Fleet) ShipVoyage On 17 January 1658 Domingo van Bengale was an exiled convict on board the Prinses Royael, one of the vessels of the return fleet which left Batavia on 17 January 1658 and which included Hoff van Zealandt, all enroute to de Caep de Goede Hoop where they arrived on 1 April 1658.2 
ShipVoyage* On 27 January 1662 the Hoff van Zealandt departed Wielingen enroute to Wielingen, de Caep de Goede Hoop, where it docked on 25 July 1662. Catharina Ustings and Corporael Gabriel Joosten was among the passengers on board. It had departed Wielingen with 400 men on board. It was an eventful and harrowing five month journey. According to the governor's journal of the day, the Hoff van Zeelant had put back to te Veer, where skipper Cornelis Drelingcourt was removed by the Directors because of complaints by the crew, chief officer Joost van Stappen being appointed in his place. Many of the crew had deserted at te Veer. The ship finally docked at the Cape in hazy weather under the command of provisional skipper van Stappen. Also aboard was the junior merchant Paulus de Maulier who was very ill, the bodies of 20 people who had died enroute from scurvy and 50 more sick with it; but all aboard "more or less" affected and orders were issued for "refreshment of the sick".3,4,5 


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    July 26th. Fine weather for the vessel;
    July 27th. Same weather. The Commander proceeds on board to make the usual visitation. Found everything fairly well. The vessel, however, had suffered very much from the storms. Will be obliged to remain here some time.
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    Saterdag 19 Augusto 1662.

    Hans Ras van Angel jongman out 26 Jaren vrij lantbouwer alhier, sich in trouw-belofte hebbende begeven, met Catharina Ufftincx van Lubeeck weduwe out 21 jare, bescheijden geweest op het hier jongst aengewesen schip Hoff van Zeelandt, Ende dies te samen in Rade verscheenen, versoeckende omme met den anderen in den H. egten staet wettelijck te mogen werden bevestight, mitsgaders tot dien eijnde te vergunnen dat haer eerste geboth morgen na 't sermoen mogte affgecondight worden, Soo is bij den Raedt (niet anders hebbende cunnen vernemen als dat beijde liber ende vrije personen waren, welcke met niemant ter werelt volgens haerluijden eijgen verclaringe onder presentatie van eede ijetwes dienaengaende uijtstaende hadden) goetgevonden dese luijden haer billick versoeck te consenteren, mitsgaders ten dien fine op morgen naer 't eijndigen des Christelijcken sermoens, haer eerste affcundinge te laten doen, ende alsoo vervolgens alle Sondagen tot de derde incluijs, omme als dan naer de laetste affroepinge de solemnisatie wettelijcken te laten geschieden, ende met de trouw publyckelijck voort te varen.

    Aldus gedaen ende geresolveert in 't Fort de Goede Hope, ten dage ende jare als boven.
    H. LACUS, Secrets. 1662.
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