Pieter Becker1,2

M, #6676, b. 1673, d. circa 1748

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NGK Drakenstein Baptisms 1694-1732NGK Drakenstein Baptisms 1694-1732
NGK Stellenbosch Baptisms 1688-1732NGK Stellenbosch Baptisms 1688-1732
LettersLetters Despatched 1696-1708
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Birth*Pieter Becker was born in 1673 in Königsberg, Prussia.3,4
Marriage*He married Jannetje de Clercq, daughter of Pieter Abraham(se) de Clercq and Sara Couchet, before 17 November 1698 de Caep de Goede Hoop.5
Death*He died circa 1748.6


Jannetje de Clercq b. b 3 May 1676
Arrival* On 16 April 1695, Pieter Becker arrived at the Cape from Texel on board the Voetboog.7 
(Witness) Employment On 13 July 1695 Ernst Friedrich Walter hired Pieter Becker from the Company to work on his farm Lubeck, Simondium, Drakenstein, at a rate of ƒ10 per month of which Becker received ƒ5.5 along with his food, drink and accommodation. ƒ4.5 went to the Company coffers.8 
(Murderer) Death On 26 February 1698 André Gauch was murdered at his homestead, most likely in the Drakenstein district. He was struck three mortal blows to the head.

The perpertrator was never officially identified or brought to book, but circumstantial evidence suggests that Pieter Becker may have been the perpertrator, possibly with the knowledge of Jannetje de Clercq the wife of the deceased and whom he married, apparently within months.9,10 
Letter On 16 June 1702, in a letter from Willem Adriaan van der Stel and the Council of Policy to Roelof Diodati Commander for Mauritius and his council, the latter were informed that Pieter Becker was to be banished to Mauritius in terms of a sentence passed by the Council of Justice on 10 November 1701 for assaulting the cornet of the burgher-dragoons, Jan Stevens Botma. But Becker escaped into the interior before he could be shipped to Mauritius.11,12 
Letter* On 31 July 1703 In a letter from Willem Adriaan van der Stel and the Council of Policy to Roelof Diodati Commander for Mauritius and his council, the latter were informed that Pieter Becker had escaped to the interior prior to his banishment to Mauritius.13 
(Beneficiary) LiquidDist Between 3 May 1714 and 30 September 1716 a liquidation and distribution account was prepared in the estate of Sara Couchet Cabo de Goede Hoop. The inventory named Abraham le Clercq, Pieter Becker, Jannetje de Clercq, Guilliam Oberholster, Joannes Oberholster and Johanna Barbara Oberholster as benefitting from the estate. Pieter Becker was named beneficiary as the husband of Jannetje de Clercq, and the Oberholster siblings inherited through their deceased mother, Helena du Toit. The fact that Anna de Clercq, who was alive at the time, is as not named as a beneficiary is telling and adds to the evidence that she was not a legitimate daughter of Abraham de Clercq.14
Baptisms - WitnessPieter Becker and Jannetje de Clercq witnessed the baptism of Martha Mouton on 12 May 1709 Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk, Stellenbosch, de Caep de Goede Hoop.15,16
He and Jannetje de Clercq witnessed the baptism of Johan Christophel van den Berg on 3 August 1732 Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk, Drakenstein, de Caep de Goede Hoop.17
Vrijbriewen and Burgher StatusPieter Becker became a burgher on 18 May 1697, in Dutch vryburgher or vrijburgher, initially a status in which a soldier or other employee of the VOC was released from their contractual obligations to the VOC and permitted to farm, become a tradesman, or work for others. Subsequently some individuals, including the Huguenot refugees, were brought to the Cape specifically to farm and were burghers from the time of their arrival.18
Crime and relatedOn 1 October 1701 Pieter Becker refused to fall in under the cornet of the burgher-dragoons at Drakenstein, Jan Stevensz Botma de Jonge. Olof Bergh, the Captain, struck him with a cane, and Bekker then threatened to behead Bergh with his sword; he followed this threat by firing at the tent - presumably Bergh was inside - causing sand to fly into it.19,20
On 10 November 1701 at de Caep de Goede Hoop Pieter Becker was was convicted on a range of charges following the events the previous month. He was sentenced to ten years banishment in Mauritius and ordered detained on Robben Island until he could be shipped there.21
Before 25 April 1710 Pieter Becker brutally assaulted his slave Maria van Ceylon over a period of three days.22


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    Ten spyte van hulle teenwoordigheid, volhard Becker met sy wangedrag en skeltaal totdat dit onuithoubaar word en kaptein Bergh dit nie langer kon duld nie en hom "eenige rottang slaagen gegeeven heeft om hem daar door an sijn behoorlijke pligt te doen gedenken; dog dat hy gevangen in plaatze van dien, nog hitzigen en kwaaden werdende, tot die buitensporigheeden is vervallen".

    In sy woede plaas Becker sy hand op sy sabel en snou Bergh toe: "so den kaptein Bergh my weeder slaat sal ik hem die kop voor sijn voeten leggen".

    Op hierdie stadium van die gedoente was Becker blykbaaf totaal buite beheer en tydens "de Ruitery van het kerkhof tot voor de tent, alwaar opgemelde geceommiteerdens (Bergh en Cluse) met eenig ander geselschap in waaren", gaan hy homsell sover te buite as om "in de tent te schieten, sodanig datl het sand door de tent gevloogen is".
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    BEKKER, Pieter, burger te Drakenstein, Königsberg Insubordinasie; dreig om Kapt Oloff Bergh te onthoof. Moet drie maal deur die spitsroede met blote rug loop, 10 jaar na Mauritius verban; tydelik op Robbeneiland. CJ 781, 21; 10.11.1701-10.11.1701. Hereinafter cited as Reg en Onreg.
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    Die Raad beveel dat hy op Robbeneiland aangehou word totdat hy na Mauritius vervoer kan word.
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