Commandeur Cornelis van Quaelbergen

M, #7626, b. circa 1630, d. 3 February 1687

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NGK (Cape Town) Baptisms 1665-1695NGK (Cape Town) Baptisms 1665-1695
Last Edited05/07/2017
Birth*Commandeur Cornelis van Quaelbergen was born circa 1630.1
Marriage*He married Henriette Chastelain in 1672.2
MarriageHe married Judith van den Bogaerde before May 1667.3
Death*He died on 3 February 1687 Batavia, Java, Indonesia, .2
Occupation*Commandeur Cornelis van Quaelbergen was VOC Commander at the Cape between 27 September 1666 and 11 August 1668. He also served at Malacca.4 
Baptisms - WitnessCommandeur Cornelis van Quaelbergen and Judith van den Bogaerde witnessed the baptism of Cornelis Victor on 16 October 1667 Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk, (Cape Town), de Caep de Goede Hoop.5
Slave BirthsBefore 13 November 1667, Adriaantje Gabrielsz was born in bondage and was owned by Commandeur Cornelis van Quaelbergen de Caep de Goede Hoop.6
Slave TransactionsMatthijs van Coromandel, Catharina van Malabar and Paulo van Malabar may have been the slaves sold by Maria de Bucquoij, to Commandeur Cornelis van Quaelbergen on 30 September 1666, for Rds 250.7,8
Catharina van Malabar was most likely sold by Commandeur Cornelis van Quaelbergen, to Jacob van Borghorst after 18 June 1668, when the latter became Governor at the Cape. This transaction is assumed.
After 18 June 1668 Claas Gerrits van Bengale, Mathijs van Angola, Anthonij Jansz van Bengale, Andries van der Kust Coromandel, Jeronimus van Coromandel, Titus van Bengale and Baddou van Bali were sold by departing Commandeur Cornelis van Quaelbergen to his successor Jacob van Borghorst. The price paid was f 1 680.9
Company JournalOn 1 December 1666 Commandeur Cornelis van Quaelbergen wrote in his journal: December 1st.... This afternoon our agriculturist Jan Coenraad Visser returned from the interior. At his, and his companion's request, they had been sent out with another Company's servant in November last to catch wild horses. They brought with them alive a young and extraordinarily beautiful striped foal, having the shape of a horse, but with long ears. It had been caught in snares with its dam near Riebeeck's Kasteel; but the mare, finding herself captured, had kicked and jumped in order to get free, and struggled so long, yea! bitten off her own tongue, that she finally died in the snare, as the skin which they brought showed. Time will show whether the foal, which was slightly sprained in the loins, will be reared. Obtained 1 ox and 9 sheep from the Cochoquas.10


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