Anthonij van de Caep1

M, #7954, b. before 6 September 1665
Father*Anthonij de Later van Japan2 b. 1641/42
Mother*Lysbeth van Bengale1 b. c 1643

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NGK (Cape Town) Baptisms 1665-1695NGK (Cape Town) Baptisms 1665-1695
Last Edited23/01/2016
Slave Birth - Company OwnedAnthonij van de Caep was born in bondage before 6 September 1665 and was owned by the VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie) Anthonij van de Caep.1
BaptismAnthonij van de Caep was baptized on 6 September 1665 Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk, (Cape Town), de Caep de Goede Hoop.1
Names in the record, in publications, etc.An unknown date , the name of Anthonij was written in the record as Anthonij NN.1
Monsterrollen and Opgaafrollen (Muster and tax rolls)In 1673 Anthonij de Later van Japan and Lysbeth van Bengale were enumerated in the muster roll, with six children, presumably Abraham van de Caep, Elisabet van de Caep, Theuntje van de Caep, Anthonij van de Caep, Maria van de Caep and Jan van de Caeb.3
Slave TransactionsAfter 18 June 1668 Abraham van Guinea was sold along with Maria da Costa van Bengale and Lysbeth van Bengale by Maria Prignon the widow of the minister Ds. Petrus Wachtendorp for f 660. Included in the transaction were Lijsbet's two unnamed children, probably Anna Pieters and Anthonij van de Caep. The purchaser was the incoming commander Jacob van Borghorst.4
On 31 December 1669 Andries van der Kust Coromandel, Claas Gerrits van Bengale, Mathijs van Angola, Anthonij Jansz van Bengale, Jeronimus van Coromandel, Titus van Bengale, Baddou van Bali, Ventura van Ceylon, Maaij Claesje van Angola, Abraham van Guinea, Maria da Costa van Bengale and Lysbeth van Bengale were sold by the departing commander Jacob van Borghorst to the Company for f 2 842:10:-, the amount he had originally paid for them. Included in the sale were three children, who, because they fit the profile, I have for the present presumed to be Lysbeth van de Caep, Anna Pieters and Anthonij van de Caep; the first the child of Pollecij/Maaij Claesje van Angola and the third and fourth the daughter and son of Lijsbeth van Bengale. However, at least some of these slaves came into the possession of Joan Bax van Herentals, Borghorst's successor.5


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