Jean Jourdan

M, #8277, b. 1659, d. 1698
Father*Pierre Jourdan1 b. c 1620, d. 28 Feb 1677
Mother*Jehane Marque1 b. c 1625, d. bt 20 Mar 1688 - 4 Aug 1688

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NGK Drakenstein Baptisms 1694-1732NGK Drakenstein Baptisms 1694-1732
Last Edited24/10/2013
Birth*Jean Jourdan was born in 1659 in Saint Martin de la Brasque, France.2,3
Marriage*He married Isabeau le Long, daughter of Pierre Long and Jeanne Gouiran, in 1689 de Caep de Goede Hoop.4
Death*He died in 1698 de Caep de Goede Hoop.3,5


Isabeau le Long b. c 1668, d. 1736
(Witness) Abjuration Between 23 October 1685 and 27 October 1685, at St. Martin de la Brasque, following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, Jehane Marque, and her sons Jean Jourdan and Pierre Jourdan abjured their Protestant faith.6 
(Refugees) ShipVoyage On 20 March 1688 the China departed Goeree enroute to de Caep de Goede Hoop where it docked on 4 August 1688. Among those on board were a group of eight orphan girls sent to the Cape following requests by Jan van Riebeeck (1659) and Simon van der Stel (1685) that the Heeren XVII send between 20 and 40 marriageable girls to the Cape. When they were finally sent in 1688 the Heeren XVII wrote that they had been selected because of their experience in farming and it was suggested they be encouraged to marry farmers. They were: Ariaante Jansse, Willemyntje Ariens de Wit, Ariaantje Jacobs, Judith Verbeek, Engeltje Cornelisse van der Bout, Catharina Jansz van der Zee, Petronella Cornelisz and Anna Elkop. Also, on board were 28 Huguenot refugees from Provence, of whom 8, mostly women, died enroute. The refugees who commenced this 19 week voyage were Matthieu Fracassé, Pierre Jaubert, Susanne Reyne, Pierre Jourdan, Marie Jourdan, Jeanne Rousse, Marie Rousse, Marguerite Rousse, André Pellanchon, Paul Jourdan, Pierre la Grange, Jehane Marque, Jean Jourdan, Pierre Jourdan, Jean Mesnard, Louise Courbonne, Marie Anthonarde, Pierre Malan, Elisabeth Richarde, Jacques Malan and Paul Roux.7,8,9 


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    Elisabeth le LongJacques Malan
    3 September 1736
    N:s Leij
    Inventaris mitsgaders taxatie van den boedel en goederen, schulden en inneschulden, naargelaten en met de dood ontruijmt door Elisabeth le Long, huijsvrouw van den landbouwer Jaques Malan, bij den anderen in gemeenschap beseten en dus de helft voor gem: J: Mallan ter eender en dan nog ten voordeelen van deselve met de 9 naargelaten kinderen van den overledene als voorkinderen bij haar eerste man Jan Jourdaan in huwelijk verwekt ider in eguale portien
    Louis en
    Johanna Jourdaan getrouwt met den landbouwer Andries Hesselbaart ter andere zijde
    kinderen van t laaste bed [with Jacques Malan]
    Maria en
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